The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

Son of a Preacher Man, Erick DuPree

Erick DuPree, Consulting Director of Faith Development, was the hope and dream of evangelical Christian parents, the only son in a long line of evangelist ministers. A legacy graduate of Lubbock Christian University, he called the pulpit of mega churches home.  Erick shares his story of “not being good enough for God” at the hands of conservative religiosity and his deliverance into Unitarian Universalism’s inherent worth and dignity.

Do All Roads Lead Home? A Theology of Oz, Erick DuPree

Join the Religious Education Committee and Consulting Director of Religious Education, Erick DuPree, for a service that affirms the children and volunteers who help make Religious Education for children and youth happen. This is an exciting opportunity to see how religious education inspires, affirms, and grows spiritually mindful children and youth.