The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

Letting Them Fall, Rev. Kent Matthies

As a parent of a young child, one of the toughest things is letting the child fall down, or after he fell letting him pick himself up. I am told this dynamic of wanting to help when you may in fact be hindering the development of resiliency is a common parental struggle. As we prepare to enter the cycles of forgiveness for the Jewish High Holidays how do examine all the ways in which we might atone and change for the good of others and ourselves?

A Most Irrational Faith, Rev. Kent Matthies

Thank goodness we have a religion where we use our brains and science. Many of us can’t imagine participating in a religion where that would not be the case. However, there are many points in our lives when it is most helpful and rewarding to live out an irrational faith. Although this is counterintuitive to many Unitarian Universalists it may be an essential part of our saving grace.

The Importance of this Faith, Rev. Mark Kiyimba

Rev. Mark Kiyimba serves as the Minister of the Unitarian Church of Kampala, Uganda. He will preach on the importance of Unitarianism and spiritual community in Uganda and around the world. In this Ingathering Water Ceremony we invite people to bring water from sacred places you have visited this summer. We will name the blessings we receive from and give to the congregation.