The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

Sin, Salvation, and Right Relationship, Consulting Minister Rev. Rob Keithan

Let’s face it: Sin Happens. Humans are flawed beings. But love happens too. Is sin inescapable? Is salvation possible? And why is a religious humanist preaching about this stuff anyway? This is the last sermon on “Brokenness,” our March theme of the month.

A Musical Celebration of Spring and Love, USG choir, John Duey and Mark Daugherty

This year’s musical service features a suite of pieces called “Songs and Sonnets”  by the blind jazz pianist George Shearing. The texts are by William Shakespeare and they are inspiring. The tunes are lilting and the harmonies are close and sweet. The accompanying forces include piano and string bass, and together they really make the voices shine.  You’re sure to fall in love with this charming music.


Community! Spirit! Justice!, Rob Keithan

Unitarians and Universalists have a strong legacy of creating social change by acting on our values, from helping to create the US public education system to recent organizing for marriage equality in Massachusetts, Maryland, and elsewhere. How do we agree on what to do? How does our work for justice fit with the other activities of the congregation? This service will highlight the work accomplished the previous day at the USG Social Justice Forum: Our Congregation, Our Community, Our World.

Joe Paterno and Us, Rev. Kent Matthies

After such a great, long career how deeply sad that Joe Paterno’s time as head coach of Penn State Football ended with neglect, abuse and pain.  It seems that Joe died of a broken heart.  When we reflect honestly we all have wonderful experiences and we all have brokenness.  How can we acknowledge our shortfalls and work towards wholeness?