The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

Praying with Purpose, Rev. Rob Keithan

In Islamic tradition, prayer and other religious practices serve as constant reminders that Muslims have duties to Al-lah. What are these duties? Come find out—the answer will probably surprise you! And what would it look like if we Unitarian Universalists had spiritual practices that reminded us of our faith commitments?

Climate Care 394, The Green Sanctuary Committee

Current life forms have evolved over millions of years along with gradual climate changes, but one of earth’s species is changing all that. Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide is now at 394 ppm and rising fast. The safe upper limit is 350 ppm. Future generations are at risk. We will present a UU spiritual response to this growing crisis.

Picking the Right Shirt, Rev. Kent Matthies

The spiritual theme of the month is transformation. Kristin, Micah and I just moved to a new house and went through all the accordant joys and sorrows of such change. We made a big effort to get rid of the things we didn’t need: give away to friends or the Salvation Army and throw away. Now I feel a new space in my life and joy for simple things which had been lost in clutter. How do these practices and lessons apply to the rest of our lives?

Easter Sunday, Can These Dry Bones Live Again? Rev. Kent Matthies and USG Choir

Ezekiel was in the valley of the dry bones. Rationally nobody figured there could be life again in those bones. Yet with the work of Ezekiel, the wind and the Lord the bones did fully come back to life. Please note this story of resurrection from death to life comes from the Jewish tradition 600 years before Jesus. This Easter Sunday we celebrate all those experiences of transformation out of despair.  The resiliency of the spirit is amazing. In the words of Bruce Springsteen, “come on up for the rising.  Come on up lay your hands in mine.”

When Grace Strikes, Rev. Rob Keithan

Theologian Paul Tillich wrote that “Grace strikes us when we are in great pain and restless” and leaves everything “transformed.” This sermon will reflect on what it means for grace to “strike,” and what we can do to be ready for it!