The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

What Do We Believe? Charles Gabriel

The Rev. David E. Bumbaugh in his article in the summer 2011 issue of UU world asked the following question: “If we are to be the religious movement some of us dreamed 50 years ago, if we are to respond to the needs of the world from a liberal religious basis, it is critical that we be able to address and the answer three central questions: what do we believe? Whom do we serve? To whom or what are we responsible?”

Charles will explore the first question, “What do we believe?” We pride ourselves on being a denomination without dogma. But underlying our principles and whether we be theists, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists or whatever, there is a core belief and it is expressed mightily in the songs and hymns that we sing.

R.E. Sunday: Flower Communion

Since the 1920’s Unitarian Universalist congregations have marked the end of the Church School year with Flower Communion, a distinct UU ritual. Please bring a flower and join the church school, Religious Education Committee, Rev. Rob Keithan and Erick DuPree, Consulting Director of Faith Development, for this exciting rite of passage.

Here We Go, Rev. Kent Matthies and Rev. Rob Keithan

One of the standard definitions of transcendence–the USG theme of the month for June–is “surpassing the usual limits.” Within each of us–and every congregation as well!–there exists a creative tension between sticking to what is “usual” and pushing ourselves to learn and change. When does it make sense to push our limits? Revs. Kent and Rob will reflect on the future of USG in this shared sermon, which is Rev. Rob’s last Sunday in the pulpit with us.