The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

Repairing to Wholeness, Rev. Kent Matthies

Gandhi often taught how we can improve our awareness of where the self belongs in the world, and its relationship to community.  Economic challenges, fast-paced life, and keeping up when other personal problems arise all create strain on
our ability to be self aware.  How do we find and repair to the wholeness of our beings?

That’s What It’s All About, Joan Javier-Duval, Intern Minister

While searching for meaning and purpose in our lives, we can get turned around and shaken. Sometimes change comes slowly and other times all at once. How do we nurture our souls so that we are ready to fully embrace our life’s calling in all these moments?

Joan Javier-Duval is a Candidate for Ministerial Fellowship with the Unitarian Universalist Association and a recent graduate of Yale Divinity School and she is our new Intern Minister. Prior to beginning her seminary studies, Joan had worked as an organizer and leadership development trainer in states across the country including Colorado, New Mexico, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Virginia, and Washington, DC. In DC, she was an active member of All Souls Church, Unitarian where she served as a Worship Associate and on various committees. Joan is a graduate of Swarthmore College and looks forward to returning to the Philadelphia area. She lives in Princeton, NJ with her husband, Jared, and their cat, Wrigley. Joan originally hails from Chicago and enjoys running and practicing yoga in her free time.

Unconditional Holy Days, Rev. Kent Matthies & Choir

Come celebrate the Jewish High Holy Days. What a blessing when we can enter into Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with an open heart. Asking forgiveness should not involve humiliation or tearing oneself down. It is also much better when we don’t demand something in return. When we  become right-sized we feel our glory, inspiration and joy of new ways and the New Year.

We Know Why We Are Here! Rev. Kent Matthies & Choir

In this Ingathering Water Ceremony we mark the beginning of our congregational year and we welcome one and all!  Many of us come here to this specific place and community again and again and again.  We know why we are here! We are here because we are dedicated to Building Beloved Community with Compassion, Service and Empowerment.  We are here because we relish life in an urban community where everyone is welcome as they are and encouraged to stay and discover their best selves and unique calling in the human family. We come here because…..

In this Ingathering Water Ceremony we invite people to bring water from sacred places you have visited this summer.  We will name the blessings we receive from and give to the congregation.

Philly Public Schools: A Musical Celebration, Barbara McDowell Dowdall and Bernard Henderson

This Sunday all members/friends/visitors and their children are invited for the whole service. If you have wanted a time when the family stays together through worship, come join us! This will be a celebration and call for the arts in the public schools. There will be a story for all ages, a presentation of oral histories of African American classical musicians, live performances of a Mozart bassoon & cello sonata and a jazz trumpet version of a popular song, and recordings of fine music by other Philly public school grads.