The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

Easter Sunday – Beyond the Empty Tomb, Joan Javier-Duval with USG Choir

This Sunday is Easter Sunday and we invite you to join us for an intergenerational Easter Worship Service! Each Easter Sunday we celebrate the universal message that new life can spring forth even from our darkest moments. We all have “empty tombs” of loss, pain, and uncertainty. Yet, with hope and courage we emerge to find new life and meaning. Hallelujah!

Living, Learning and Loving in Kenya, Mel Strieb and Anne Gwynn

Anne Gwynn and Mel Strieb are long-time members of USG. From 2007 to 2009, they were Peace Corps volunteers in Romania. They recently returned from a second tour, this time in Kenya teaching secondary school students. They will be talking about their experiences with their students and how their own lives were enriched by their interactions there. They also will describe the contribution USG made to their Kenyan school.

The Courage to Smile, Rev. Kent Matthies

Many of us struggle when posing for pictures.  When we are with friends and someone pulls out a camera it can be quite an effort to find a relaxed smile.  Why is this?  In our society too often we take ourselves and our situations too seriously.  How do we give legitimacy and mindfulness to the art of happiness?  Sometimes it truly does take courage to dance and sing, let alone simply to smile.

Living with Your Whole Heart, Joan Javier-Duval with USG Choir

We learn from the painful experiences in life to avoid emotional hurt and shame. We learn to protect ourselves by remaining closed to sharing the whole of our selves with others. But, what if vulnerability is a key to unlocking the fullness of life? How do we find the courage to live with our whole heart?

Singing the Blues, Rev. Kent Matthies

Do you wish that the cold, short days of winter would go away?  Are you pining for more time spent outside in warm sunshine?  Do you have the blues?  Part of a healthy spiritual life is to accept that we all hit bumps in the road.  Many times we need support and courage to sing the blues.  Come hear the excellent blues band: Gretchen Emery & Dirty Boots, starring Alan Windle’s brother Kenny on guitar.