The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

Caring for the Temple, Rev. Kent Matthies

n 2013 we know more than ever the body, mind and spirit are intricately connected. In global history Western societies were slower than Eastern societies to find wisdom on this point.  Now that we know life isn’t just “I think therefore I am” we are called more than ever to treat our bodies as temples.  Nothing is more critical than food to our well-being.  How can we create the best spiritual relationships with food for ourselves and our community?

Requiem by Gabriel Faure, Mark Daugherty, USG Choir & Soloists

The USG choir and soloists will present Gabriel Faure’s much loved Requiem. A cynical man of no great religious faith, his Requiem focuses not on the wonder, fear, and threat of torture and damnation that are powerfully invoked in other Requiems of the period. Instead, Faure wrote a largely contemplative work that strives to comfort and assuage the grief of the mourners while holding out the promise of eternal rest and surcease from suffering for the departed. It is a work of transparency and clarity with well balanced phrases. If you have never heard it, you will love it.

Giving Life the Shape of Justice, Joan Javier-Duval Added by Treva Wood Burger

In 1870, the Unitarian peace and suffrage activist Julia Ward Howe called on us to listen to the voice coming from “the bosom of the devasted earth.” That voice still calls to us today beckoning us to bring forth justice and peace in the world. Mothers, fathers, children, friends, aunts, uncles, cousins — We all have the power to give life the shape of justice. How can we embrace our role as creators of justice and peace? This will be Joan’s final sermon of her 2012-13 internship at USG.

5.5.13 Composing Your Life, Rev. Kent Matthies

Creation is the spiritual theme of the month. Unitarian Universalism teaches that we all play a role in creation of our own lives. When we pay attention we see countless life-affirming stories illuminating the tremendous human capacity for creation of complex lives.  Whether you are looking to write a completely new chapter or just turn the page, it pays to pay attention.  Together we can claim our innate wisdom and the power to be artists of our individual and communal lives.