The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

8.25.13 Expose Yourself, Rev. Kent Matthies

Vulnerability is the spiritual theme of the month. Too often many of us have protective shells, which separate us from others. Anger, jealousy and pride can all serve as shields, which prevent us from opening up. How can you put down your shield in order to share some of your life story with others? How can you expose your best true self to others? Note: this is not a sermon encouraging streaking.

8.18.13, 40 Days! Rev. Kent Matthies

From June 23-July 31 congregations all around Philadelphia will fast, pray and take action for Immigration Justice.  We fast to call the attention of elected officials and to Pennsylvania residents of the impact of unjust immigration laws, we meditate and pray on the loss of deported family and community members, and to build our spiritual discipline for a long-term fight for justice as individuals and as a community.


8.11.13 Buried Treasure, The Bible as a sacred text for divine reading, Alan Windle

UUs long ago stopped looking to the Christian Bible as a source of insight or inspiration, and for good reason. There is much about this text that is confused, irrelevant to our lives today, or just plain wrong. But in spite of these barriers it can be a wonderful source for lectio divina (divine reading), if approached with the right spirit.

Alan has been a member of USG since 2004. He is currently chair of Worship Arts and Worship Associates. He is a software engineer by profession and a long time practitioner of Buddhist meditation.