The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

10.27.23 Day of the Dead, Rev. Kent Matthies

For our annual Day of the Dead service we will celebrate our sense of connections to deceased loved ones. How have those who have gone before taught you how to live? How do their memories or spirits stay connected to you and direct you? Do you feel a sense of dedication or belonging to them? Please bring photos of deceased loved ones to share on our altar during worship.

The 9am service will feature music by our fabulous Music Director, Mark Daugherty. And as in previous years, we will welcome back “Los Mariachi Alcones”, a local Mariachi Band for the 11:15am service.


10.20.13 I Doubt It!, Reverend Kent Matthies

In a world with too much hunger, poverty, war, and oppression of various groups we are called to work for better ways of being one human family.  Some religious traditions implicitly or explicitly teach that we should accept the way things are as “God’s plan”.  Our religious tradition leads us to say “I doubt it!”  In certain parts of our lives we don’t believe this is the way things need to be or are supposed to be.  On this Unitarian Universalist United Nations Organization Sunday come support international efforts in areas of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender justice and beyond!


10.13.13 Standing on the Side of Education, Joan Javier-Duval

The public education crisis in Philadelphia can leave us doubting our public officials and our state and city governments as a whole. Doubtful questioning of the system is an important part of change, but it is not the final step. How can we turn this doubt into action that stands on the side of education?


10.06.13*99 ½ Won’t Do, Rev. Kent Matthies and Debbie Ward

In many ways our religious tradition was built on doubts, which created openings for exciting and empowering new religious beliefs and principles.  It is also true that the central role of doubt has created significant disadvantages.  At times we have overly doubted the importance of community with the outcome of excessive individualism.  At times we have overly doubted ourselves with the result of not believing in our own capacities to do good for ourselves and our communities.  How do we trust and give 100%?