The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

11.24.13 Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? Sam Gugino

UU minister Galen Guengrich says “Jesus as son of God is a brilliant conceit.” In his new best-selling book, “Zealot,” author Reza Aslan writes that much of what we were taught about Jesus, including that he was the messiah and founded Christianity, is myth. So, who was the real Jesus? And does it matter?

11.24.13 Service of the Living Tradition, Jenn Leiby, Linda Brunn

Tradition is the spiritual theme of the month. All people gathering to share in the bread communion is a holy Thanksgiving tradition in our congregation. This year we will also give thanks for all of you, the people of USG, who constitute the living tradition of our congregation. PLEASE HELP US to make this a great worship service by sharing your stories of service and love. Send stories about yourself (come on you can do it), or other people in the church. What have people done to help others or to promote our mission? Send stories to Jenn Leiby

11.10.13 Old and New Wineskins, Consulting Minister Joan Javier-Duval

We can sometimes think of traditions as things of the past. But, we are constantly changing and re-creating the traditions of our lives in the present and for the future. This is true for family traditions like how we celebrate Thanksgiving, and it is also true for the religious traditions we embrace or let go of in our lives. What happens when we move away from old, familiar ways and enter the new and unknown?

11.3.13, Roots and Wings, Rev. Kent Matthies

Like most human beings we Unitarian Universalists have a mixed history when it comes to racial oppression and justice. With UU’s from around the mid-Atlantic gathering here for a Racial Justice Conference let us own our history. It involves the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Let us also create circles of respect and trust where we can open our hearts, dream and look to the future. We are building beloved community for all people to share in compassion, service and empowerment. Let’s us unfurl our wings and fly together to a people’s church of great spiritual riches.