The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

3.30.14, Letter to the Pope, Rev. Kent Matthies

Pope Francis is the most exciting and hope inspiring new religious leader on the international stage in decades. Every person of faith and goodwill has an opportunity to cherish Pope Francis’ gift of hope and deep faith. I will preach my letter to the Pope thanking him for inviting all of us to a more complete church of the “bruised, hurting and dirty” and an abandonment of a church, which is “confined and clinging to it’s own security.”  How can we all find deeper compassion and actual transformation?

3.23.14, The New Underground Railroad, J. Jondhi Harrell

With Music by Raji Malik, farond soloist (an Indian sitar-like instrument)

J. Jondhi Harrell will share the similarities he sees between the mass incarceration of today and the system of slavery that existed in the past. Then the Underground Railroad led former slaves not only to freedom but to a new way of life. He will offer suggestions as to how the system of Mass Incarceration can be combated and how modern day abolitionists can assist in this process, how individuals can become a part of the New Underground Railroad.

J. Jondhi Harrell is Executive Director of The Center for Returning Citizens with a history of 25 years of incarceration in the federal prison system. A community activist and organizer, he works to decrease the incarceration rate in Pennsylvania, and support former inmates and their families. He is currently a graduate student at Temple University in the School of Social Work.

3.16.14, Do What You Can, Rev. Kent Matthies

The great Unitarian Minister Forrest Church offered an exceptional mantra for daily life: Want what you have, Do what you can, Be who you are.  Today we celebrate USG ministries and programs, of which we all play a part.  We all play a critical role in financially supporting the life of this congregation.  Do What You Can is a great motto for a meaningful, enriching life.  Don’t sell yourself short.  You may not know your own strength.

3.9.14, A Plentiful Heart, Joan Javier-Duval

We often get caught in a mindset of scarcity: There is not enough. Not enough time. Not enough money. Not enough justice. Not enough compassion. How can we instead open our hearts to the abundance in our lives and in the world and become more generous of spirit?

3.2.14, Are You Kidding Me? Rev. Kent Matthies

Intense, winter weather has brought many surprises and problems this year. The day-to-day changes have drilled in the truth that many times we don’t control very much.  Many times we are best off when we just surrender.  How do you go with the flow, accept (even the unacceptable) and find peace?