The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

5.25.14, Marriage Equality: Hooray PA! Rev. Kent Matthies

This week the State of Pennsylvania achieved a tremendous milestone for justice and love. Not only have we taken another critical step towards giving civil rights and full-citizenship to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender folks.  We have also taken another step towards claiming full humanity for all of us.

5.18.14, Music of the Night, Music Director Mark Daugherty and the USG Choir

No, not from Phantom of the Opera, but rather the incredibly beautiful music of Morten Lauridsen. A few years ago the choir presented his Lux Aeterna and everyone loved it. This time we present three Nocturnes, or songs of the night. The pieces are
ravishingly romantic settings of poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke, Pablo Neruda, and James Agee. This is music of the senses – at once incredibly introspective and intimate and so lushly romantic.  It is not a morning to sleep in!

5.11.14, Getting to Know Us! USG’s High School Youth Group at 11:15am

Join us for a vibrant Youth Led worship experience featuring the YRUU and their advisers. We will proclaim our unique spiritualities and our special gifts, while celebrating our experience of being Young Religious Unitarian Universalists and expressing love for our community!

5.4.14, If there is to be peace, Consulting Minister Joan Javier

The beauty of our civic life comes from its diversity of people, opinions, and voices. This diversity can also lead to tension and strife. Yet, we all want to live with peace in our hearts and in the world. If we open ourselves up to really knowing others across our differences, then maybe our public life stands a chance.