The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

9.28.14, Days of Awe, Rev. Kent Matthies

Come celebrate the Jewish High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. As we acknowledge our personal and communal failures, we lift up our responsibility to make amends and come back towards wholeness. Often called the “Days of Awe”, it is awesome to connect with heart and spirit by renewing our resolve to live justly with yourself, your loved ones, and the broader community.

9.21.14, Darwinian Beloved Community, Rev. Kent Matthies

Why is it so challenging to acknowledge and honor our deep connections to all living creatures?  Over 155 years ago Charles Darwin wrote, “The structure of every organic being is related, in the most essential yet often hidden manner, to that of all other organic beings.”  Engaging in beloved community with pelicans and pine trees, calla lilies and cougars creates spiritual richness.  This mindfulness also opens us to do our best as stewards of Mother Earth.

9.14.14, Revolution in Consciousness, Rev Kent Matthies

Building Beloved community is not simply a rational matter.  In his book “The Social Animal” David Brooks write that people “are like spiritual Grand Central stations.  We are junctions where millions of sensations, emotions and signals interpenetrate every second.”  How do we create spaces for our spiritual energy and souls to dance with more creativity and love?  In order to realize our potential we now know we need a new revolution in consciousness.

9.7.14, In-Gathering Water Ceremony,Rev. Kent Matthies

We are celebrating Beloved Community in our lives. For this special annual intergenerational worship service, bring water to share from special places of your summer – including your home – to share with love. In the ritual we charge one another to boldly love each other, the wider world, and ourselves.