The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

12.27.15, A Christmas Without Collars, Tom Ott

I am a man who believes that symbols have enormous power, a power that multiples exponentially the more ingrained in our consciousness they become, for good and ill. In my homily for the Sunday after Christmas, a lapsed Catholic will explore his happy struggle to find faith through Unitarian Universalist non-doctrine.


Tom Ott is a past and current president of the Unitarian/Universalist Society of Germantown. He has also served on a number of committees and councils. He believes there is something concrete that, for want of a better word, can be called the spirit. He used to believe finding it was elusive. However, since joining this congregation, his hope has been renewed.

1.25.15, No Matter the Cost, Rev. Kent Matthies

As much as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life has often been reviewed it commonly remains misunderstood.  He gave everything, no matter the cost for the values he cherished: universal justice, service and liberating love.  Tavis Smiley has written a powerful new book “Death of a King”, which looks at King’s last year from his speech against the Vietnam War at Riverside Church to his assassination in Memphis.  What are we called to sacrifice for justice and love?

1.11.15, Love Is Too Strong a Word, Rev. Libby Smith

As we seek to honor the differences among us, we often hear that we’re called to love our neighbor.  But this sermon – inspired by an address of the same name by Kurt Vonnegut – explores the possibility that we might do better if we set our sights just a little lower.

The Rev. Libby Smith is a life-long UU who grew up in the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of York, PA.  She received her MDiv from Harvard Divinity School in 1992 and was ordained the same year.  Since then she has served congregations in Rockport, Mass, Warrrington, PA and Langhorne, PA.  She also spent five years as Chaplain at UU House, a small nursing home in Philadelphia.  Now retired from congregational service, she does adjunct work for the Joseph Priestley District and enjoys the chance to preach and do rites of passage on request.  She is delighted to be back at USG!