The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

5.31.15, Return to Our True Song, Rev. Daniel Gregoire

What is your “lullaby”? Parents everywhere sing songs of comfort to soothe both their children and themselves. Each of us has experiences that can offer us comfort, like a lullaby, and bring us back to life. If only we could recall them in times of distress and remember to sing our true song. This service will invite us to relive those lullabies, to cultivate and curate them, and most importantly to reach for them when our busyness has carried us away.

5.24.15, When the Spirit Says Stop, Rev. Kent Matthies

How much of your days are dominated by hustle-bustle, multi-tasking and getting one more thing done on the “to do” list?  When many retired folks feel too busy, what does that say about the context for non-retired folks?  Many of us love the hymn, “You gotta do when the Spirit says do.”  What about when the Spirit says stop?

This service will include giving thanks to our excellent Student Minister, McKinley Sims, and will be followed by a reception for him and his fiancé, Kristen Pantazes, as Kin finishes his time with USG and they prepare for their wedding on May 31. If you would like to contribute to a wedding gift, please send your check to the office or place it in the collection plate with “Sims Wedding” in the memo line. Please put cash gifts in a similarly marked envelope.

5.17.15, A Faith that Sings and Dances, Misa Criolla, Mark Daugherty and the USG Choir

Many of us grew up hearing religious music that was staid and “church-y.” There are even some denominations that frown on (gasp!) dancing.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  The Argentinean composer Ariel Ramirez has taken some Latin American dance and carnival rhythms and melodies and incorporated  them into a musical mass reflective of his culture and his faith. It is rhythmically vibrant, melodically expressive, and hypnotically spiritual.  Not to be missed!

5.3.15, The Rites of May, Celebrating the Coming of Summer, Rev. Kent Matthies and Dennis Strain

The lusty month of May has been honored for millennia. It is a time of cleansing, of opening the windows and doors to the warmth of the sun, and of celebrating the earth’s fertility. We will light the Beltane fire and dance around the Maypole during Fellowship Hour (2 dances at 10:30 & 11:00 AM). Join us as we honor the ancient traditions and welcome the coming of summer.