The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

5.29.16, SUNDAY WORSHIP: Hope Springs Eternal, Jenn Leiby

The gray skies and bitter cold of winter seem like a memory now that the trees are alive with color and warm breezes. Our world is fresh and new again, the Spring season faithfully bringing promise of easier days. Just as promising, we can turn to our Unitarian Universalist faith to help us through our own personal winters to the hopeful warmth of better days.

Jenn Leiby has been a member of USG since January 2010 and is honored to be returning to the pulpit. She currently serves on the Ministry Executive Team and is involved in many other wonderful groups here. She lives in Plymouth Meeting with her husband Carl and daughter Zoe.

5.15.16, Partners for the Future, Pa State Senator, Art Haywood

State Senator Art Haywood has been working hard on equitable funding for public schools, civil right for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, monitoring lead in our water and reducing gun violence.  We are thrilled that Senator Haywood will give keynote sermon for our culminating event for our 150th anniversary.  Senator Haywood will touch on historical importance of faith communities and make the case for the role of the religious communities as critical leaders in the future!

5.8.16, Touching The Word, Reverend Kent Matthies

Do you remember when speed-reading was a new thing?  An early pioneer was Evelyn Wood in 1959.  In hindsight we see this was an early rendition in a society that would come to crave and demand fast everything: from food to internet service.  But speed reading is also an example of how going too fast often brings a cost of losing meaning.  In religion – note scripture and poetry – touching a word and staying with it can enliven hearts and transform lives.  Come celebrate Mother’s Day by touching a few words that matter.