The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

7.31.16, The Creative In-Between, David Weaver

Life is filled with moments of change and seasons of transition. If we are awake and engaged, this is true of our spiritual lives as well. Have you gone through a season of spiritual transition in your life? Are you in the middle of one now? What are you learning?

David Weaver joined Unitarian Society of Germantown in the fall of 2015.  He returned to Philadelphia last summer after ten years in Phoenix, AZ. David is a lover of gardening; he sings in several choirs; he is the fifth of seven brothers (no sisters); he has a passion for building community; he currently works as a hospice social worker; and he is a pastor.

7.17.16, Float Like a Butterfly: Ode to Ali, Rev. Kent Matthies

This year we lost a great American Hero: Muhammad Ali.  Ali bravely served as a role model for Black America and anyone else with an open heart and mind.  In our current turbulent times we benefit from pausing to remember his poetry and sacrifice.  Muhammad Ali showed us how to live out our nation’s highest held values such as freedom of conscience and creating an environment where everyone can achieve their potential.

7.3.16, The Roots of Service: Where It Begins, David Wurtzel

The idea of service sits at the epicenter of the well being of ourselves and our communities. It is the very wellspring of our happiness as well as our purpose. David will talk about how the the idea of faith and its various parts creates the rich soil allowing the roots of service to grow and take hold, laying the strong foundation of a rich and fulfilling life.
David Wurtzel found his passion for life within the fire service in his twenties, and currently serves as a volunteer firefighter in Narberth, PA. In 2008 he discovered a series of devastating health issues that have plagued the fire service for decades. This compelled him to launch a non-profit called The First Twenty, whose mission is help this vastly underserved population address their unmet health needs. In 2012 they launched the nation’s first ever national fitness and wellness program for firefighter health, safety and performance. They currently serve thousands of firefighters coast to coast including the United States Air Force and are at the center of two clinical trials. David is a member of USG with his wife Muna and children Galena and Billy.