The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

10.30.16, Day of the Dead: Happy Reunion, Rev. Kent Matthies, Jason Bender, Connie Simon and Mariachi MayaDay of the Dead: Happy Reunion, Rev. Kent Matthies, Jason Bender, Connie Simon and Mariachi Maya

Join us for the tradition of Dia de los Muertos.  Our worship service will involve story and songs with the outstanding band, Mariachi Maya! We will journey with three Mexican-American children learning and sharing the rich cultural heritage of this holiday.  Please bring a photo of a deceased loved one to share at our altar.

10.23.16, Facing the Death Machine, Linda Brunn

Unitarian couple Rev. Waitstill and Martha Sharp traveled to Europe to work secretly to rescue Jews, dissidents and children living in Nazi-occupied territory.  Linda Brunn’s father worked with the Sharps as Associate Director of the Unitarian Service Committee. Highlighting this heroic history, let us explore how we can take risks to welcome strangers in peril.

10.16.16, Memories Making Us, Rev. Kent Matthies

What is the earliest memory of your life? What is one of your favorite memories to share?  Why do you love to tell it? Who we are is shaped less by all the events of our lives, than by the highlighting of key moments. How you remember can help or hinder you in achieving your life’s purpose.

10.9.16, What Binds Unitarian Universalists together? Connie Simon, Intern Minister

Are UUs a religious community, a social justice movement or something else? We’ll explore the liberal roots of Unitarianism, Universalism and Unitarian Universalism and how we can come together today in all our glorious theological diversity and work toward creating Beloved Community.

10.2.16, When We Can’t Forgive, Rev. Kent Matthies

Today we celebrate the High Holy Days. Jewish tradition encourages people to greet the New Year with serious introspection, self-evaluation and prayer.  Elie Wiesel, a holocaust survivor, tremendous writer and a world leader, said that he could not forgive the crimes committed by the Nazis. What happens when we cannot forgive?