The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

3.19.17, “In It Together” by David Weaver

Relationship is the basis of any society. When our relationships are rooted in care and trust, our communities thrive. Join us for this intergenerational service as we celebrate our thriving community at USG. Be sure to check out the Community Day workshops before the service, and plan to stay for the tasty pancake brunch afterward.

3.12.17, Facing Your Fear: Speaking Truth to Power, Connie Simon, Intern Minister

Fear can be constrictive and paralyzing, causing us to miss out on chances for our own personal success and opportunities to further our goal of Beloved Community.  How do we overcome our fear and learn to speak truth to power?

3.5.17, Soil Turned Over, Seeds In Hand, Rev. Megan Foley

What a Sunday to be together! Everything is topsy turvy…and topsy turvy times are when what we do and share together is most important. Come join Rev. Megan Foley, Regional Lead for the Central East Region of the UUA, on this Stewardship Sunday, as we explore the nature of chaos and the things that can grow from it.