The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

2.25.28, Music Service Honoring Beverly Spencer’s 30 years with USG

It hardly seems possible, but our wonderful alto soloist Beverly Gross Spencer has been a part of music at USG for thirty years. This Sunday we honor her musical presence with Robert Ray’s tuneful “Gospel Magnificat” as well as Duke Ellington’s soulful “Come Sunday.” This is music that speaks directly to the
heart, something that Beverly always does with her singing. Come and be inspired.

2.18.18, This is Us, Intern Minister Connie Simon

Beneath all the rhetoric and political division, we’re joined together by our common humanity. Can we acknowledge our past, accept our present and work together for our future? Can we say openly and honestly, “This is Us”?

2.11.18, Happy Birthday, Darwin! Rev. Kent Matthies

Life has existed on planet Earth for approximately 3.8 billion years. Born 209 years ago on Feb 12, 1809, Charles Darwin changed our understanding of the history – and future – of life. His ideas can still affect the way we live our lives. How can Darwin’s ideas help you cultivate a sense of awe and wonder? Can we consciously participate in evolution?

2.4.18, Pausing the Hustle Bustle, Rev. Kent Matthies

The holiday hustle and bustle are over, right?  Do you feel like very little time transpired before you went right back into hurry, hurry, hurry mode?  Do you feel like way too many parts of your year – or your life for that matter – involve tumbling from one activity to the next?   Many of us can use a refresher on why and how we benefit for a spirituality of leisure, or just plain old slowing down.