The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

3.24.19, We Have Met the Enemy and He Are Us, Charles Gabriel

Charles Gabriel was raised in the Catholic Church, wandered aimlessly through a 35 year period of atheism and finally developed a spiritual center to his life through the gift of the 12-step programs Nar-Anon and Al-Anon that he became involved with through his step-son’s drug addiction.

Who is our enemy and who are we? – An exploration and a universalist view of inclusion in the beloved community.

Charles joined USG in October, 2004 and has held several volunteer positions including Budget & Finance Committee member, Buildings & Grounds committee co-chair, Strategic Planning Council chair and Board of Trustees member. He is now retired from church leadership and sings in the USG choir. Today marks his eighth sermon at USG.

3.17.19, Mars Rover, Mars Rover, Rev. Kent Matthies

NASA’s Opportunity, the Mars Rover, just finished 15 years of rolling across our neighbor planet’s rocky red soil.  Opportunity helped to discover evidence that ancient Mars had water and might have been capable of sustaining life.  This Stewardship Sunday we celebrate the opportunity USG gives us to sustain and empower life and love!  Being generous to our church is one element of the endeavor.

3.3.19, Is One the Loneliest Number? Rev. Kent Matthies

What does it mean to be a people on a journey? With this spiritual question of the month, we begin with the theme of loneliness. It turns out that many presumptions about loneliness are off-base. For example, many times one is not the loneliest number. Nor is loneliness necessarily tied to highly individualist societies. Should we mindfully attempt to accept loneliness? How can we improve our relationships with our selves?