The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

4.21.19, Easter Sunday: Resurrection IS Happening! Rev. Kent Matthies

Three days after his murder, they rolled away the stone and found an empty tomb.  Jesus may or may not have risen and walked out of the tomb to return to us. What we are more certain of is that Easter calls us to celebrate that powerful, important and miraculous resurrections ARE happening right now. In your life and in the larger world, what are the tangible ways in which hope is growing out of despair?

4.14.19, Building Wholeness with Right Relations, Rev. Kent Matthies

Did you know our congregation has a covenant of right relations? Yes, we do! Our diverse, spiritually vibrant congregation has made sacred promises to specific ways of being with one another.  These include:

-Express gratitude for the efforts of others, particularly those who volunteer.

-Ask for help when needed and give help as able.

-Listen, with an open heart, to fully appreciate another’s point of view.

-Approach disagreements and conflicts constructively, communicating with others in a direct, caring and responsible manner.

Come explore how these ways of being can help us – as individuals and community – to achieve wholeness and our greatest potential in body, mind and spirit.

4.07.2019,Wholeness: A Quartet of Voices, Tom Ott

The theme for April is Wholeness. As with most themes, there are many ways of coming to an understanding of what it may mean. Four members of USG will share how they see the concept, each from a different perspective.