The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

9.15.19, Crossing the Jordan, Rev Kent Matthies

Moses had died. God placed Joshua in charge of the Israelites who, after 40 years of wandering, felt trapped in the wilderness. Joshua’s mission was to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land and to take with them the sacred Ark of the Covenant. The problem was they had to cross the powerful Jordan River without a vessel. What were their expectations as they walked towards the water?

9.8.19, USG’s Water Ceremony: Connecting with Miracles of Life —Rev. Kent Matthies, DSD Ryan Hurd, Music Director Mark Daugherty & the USG Choir

For our Ingathering Water Ceremony, we begin the church year anew by celebrating Beloved Community and spiritual practices.  Meditation, prayer, walking, knitting, connecting with our brother animals – all are some of the ways in which we might connect with the miracles of life. These spiritual practices both affirm and sustain our very lives.  

All are invited to bring water from special summer places – including from your homes.  We will pour water into the communal bowl.  This in gathering will lift our bodies, minds and spirits.  

9.1.19, Why Bother Meditating? Guest Speaker Deborah Cooper

In this brief presentation, Deborah will talk about the origin of mindfulness meditation and how and why to practice it. She will end with a short guided meditation.

Deborah is a mother and grandmother. She has been studying and practicing  meditation for most of her adult life. She is deeply committed to the Insite meditation path espoused by the Buddha and teaches it both to groups in the area and in her private therapy practice.