The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

10.20.19, The good, the bad, and the whole, Rev. Kent Matthies

How can you embrace yourself in your entirety? Many of us wrestle with this question our whole lives. As imperfect beings we go further down the road to finding peace with ourselves when we accept our imperfections. This can involve acknowledging selfishness, cowardice, going too slow and going too fast. When we acknowledge these sharp and tender parts of ourselves the fog can dissipate and we can find our hidden wholeness.

10.13.19, Our Moment is Now, Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt

We Unitarian Universalists have always been a small religious group with outsized impact.  But with many denominations in decline, and corresponding growth among those who are “spiritual but not religious,” it may seem that our best days are behind us. But what if we’re misreading the signs? In this moment, let’s reflect on what our faith could be—and how we can get there from here.

10.6.19, Atonement over Contempt, Rev. Kent Matthies

The ark is opened and the Torah scrolls are taken out.  Reading the sacred text guides us to respond to our errors, correct and learn from our mistakes, and reveal more fully who we are and can become.  In the United States a toxic culture of contempt is corroding our souls. Political disagreements generate harsh polarization.  How can we come together as one people (at one ment, if you will) and be our best true selves?