The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

7.8.18, Church & Faith: Where and How to be, Tom Ott

Church can be both a noun and a verb. When the former it is usually considered a specific place. I believe that is too limiting; and given that belief, perhaps the meaning of faith can be found, even when, for this UU anyway, there are many times both historically and today that faith in its religious sense seems all but impossible, except maybe when helping a little girl catch her first fish.

7.1.18, World Cup World, Rev. Kent Matthies

The World Cup of Soccer is being played in Russia.  This most important global sporting event contains many elements of the best and the worst of our current global, human society.  True stories of rags to riches, players speaking dozens of languages with a common purpose and people all around the globe watching with joy and pain.  At the same time bullying, corruption and violence leave a rancid feeling.  How can we learn from the world of Messi and Ronaldo, Salah and Modric?

6.17.18, How Do I Love You? Rev. Kent Matthies

On Father’s Day, people often experience a wide range of emotions, including gratitude, regret, joy and pain.  One aspect of the complex relationships people have with fatherhood involves the different ways in which people express love.  In his book Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman identifies five specific languages of love: “quality time, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service and physical touch.”  How do we develop and appreciate abilities to speak different languages of love?

6.10.18, CSD Sunday, Carnival, & Potluck BBQ

We celebrate this past year’s achievements, children and teachers. Join us for this lively intergenerational service where we affirm our commitment to the youngest members of our community. The Worship Service will be immediately followed by a potluck BBQ and CSD Carnival.

6.3.18, Adventure Awaits, Intern Minister Connie Simon

Spring is often a time of transition.  The season is filled with weddings, graduations, life changes and the promise of new adventures.  This Sunday, we celebrate the baby dedication of Soleil Sanders and Intern Minister Connie Simon’s last Sunday in the USG pulpit.

5.27.18, Light and Shadow: Stories from St. Elizabeth’s, Rev. McKinley Sims

Kin will talk about doing justice work in D.C. and working in the psych ward at St. Elizabeth’s and how these places offer us a glimpse of our shadows and our lights, psychological parts of our ego. We have to engage both, and reckon with our shadows as individuals, as a society, and as UU culture to truly get close to justice making.

3.25.18, Passover: Parting the Waters, Intern Minister Connie Simon

Thirsty to the point of delusion. Hungry beyond pain. Moses and the Israelites have been fleeing Pharaoh’s troops, fighting amongst themselves and running out of hope. Now they have to cross this body of water! Even when the odds seems quite impossible they take the first step – again – in the journey to secure freedom.  How are you doing on your journey to freedom?

5.20.18, A Radiant Gem of Inestimable Worth: USG Elders Celebrate Aging

The Exploring Elderhood program and all USG Elders (a self-designated title) will share the joys, sorrows, insights, and many other facets of this Gem we call Aging. The service will be adapted to express some unique ways of sharing the Elder experience with our whole community and will include music, poems, readings and songs to present the many ways that Elderhood can be spelled and lived. All ages welcome, come on in, the water’s fine!

5.13.18, Memories Shaping Us: Intergenerational Worship Rev. Kent Matthies, Jason Bender and Mark Daugherty

Albert Schweitzer said, “Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory.”  Helen Keller said, “So long as memory of beloved friends live in my heart, I shall say that life is good.”   Both comments contain some reality and wisdom.  Come together on Mother’s Day weekend to honor memories of mothers and the ways in which memories shape us.  With spiritual intention we can actually have an impact on how memories bring more integrity, health and joy to our lives.

4.29.18, That’s What Friends Are For, Rev. Kent Matthies

We may enjoy our Facebook “friends.” However, we long for more than social media connections. One of the best reasons to come to church is to make spiritual friends.  With flickers of hope for making a spiritual connection, we encounter others; over time we kindle long burning flames of lasting friendships, with accompanying well being, love and hope. Bring a friend of yours to this worship focusing on friendship.