The sermons of the Unitarian Society of Germantown in Philadelphia, PA

4.2.17, Transforming the Heart’s Desire, Rev. Sandra Fees

Many of us desire transformation of ourselves and our world. But being transformed is a mysterious, creative process that has a way of sneaking up on us and moving us in unexpected ways. How, then, can we achieve the radical transformation we long for? Rev. Fees serves the UU Church of Berks County in Reading.

3.26.17, From Fear to Courage, Rev. Abbey Tennis

How do we move from a place of fear to a place of courage? This morning we reflect on the courage the world asks of us in order to counter injustice and overcome our limits, and the fears that inevitably hold us back. Rev. Abbey visits us from First UU in Philadelphia.

3.19.17, “In It Together” by David Weaver

Relationship is the basis of any society. When our relationships are rooted in care and trust, our communities thrive. Join us for this intergenerational service as we celebrate our thriving community at USG. Be sure to check out the Community Day workshops before the service, and plan to stay for the tasty pancake brunch afterward.

3.12.17, Facing Your Fear: Speaking Truth to Power, Connie Simon, Intern Minister

Fear can be constrictive and paralyzing, causing us to miss out on chances for our own personal success and opportunities to further our goal of Beloved Community.  How do we overcome our fear and learn to speak truth to power?

3.5.17, Soil Turned Over, Seeds In Hand, Rev. Megan Foley

What a Sunday to be together! Everything is topsy turvy…and topsy turvy times are when what we do and share together is most important. Come join Rev. Megan Foley, Regional Lead for the Central East Region of the UUA, on this Stewardship Sunday, as we explore the nature of chaos and the things that can grow from it.

2.26.17, They Called Her Moses-Music Sunday

The USG choir, soloists and narrators will perform this cantata based upon the life of Harriet Tubman with piano accompaniment. The songs of her time and her people are utilized to tell of a journey to freedom on the Underground Railroad, which led thousands of slaves to the free states and Canada.

2.19.17, We Were Always There, Connie Simon, Intern Minister

The Black experience in Unitarian Universalism has been full of challenges, missed opportunities and triumphs. Connie Simon shares stories of resilience and hope that prove, in the words of African American UU historian Mark Morrison Reed, that “we were always there.”

2.11.17, Heaven Can’t Wait, Rev. Kent Matthies

Rev. Kent’s last sermon before his six-month sabbatical. Universalists believed that all people go to heaven. Whatever one believes about an afterlife, heaven and hell can exist here and now.Too much focus on the past or future can debilitate. How can we all build resiliency by drawing upon the positive power of now?

2.5.17, Cultivating Resiliency, Rev. Kent Matthies

On many days life comes with the good, the bad, the ugly and the gorgeous. It often takes resiliency to prepare for, engage in and recover from impactful events. How  can you develop resiliency of body, mind and spirit?

1.29.17, Science Giving Hope! Rev. Kent Matthies

Green energy, robots clearing mine fields and dressing frail elders, human beings spending time on Mars and deep undersea – all are possible amazing scientific discoveries and inventions.  While we must ensure the ethical usage of advancements, there are many ways in which science, when balanced with morals, brings hope and improvements.