Peace, Love and Joy with Elaine Silver

The theme for this very special, intergenerational worship service is “Peace, Love and Joy.” Our magnificent guest musician, Elaine Silver, will create two 20-minute periods of music, poetry, spoken word and audience participation for all ages. Elaine has a singing voice you’ll never forget: it is stunningly clear, rich and supple. She sings a cappella […]

Spreading Joy, Rev. Kent Matthies

Famous Universalist John Murray said, “Go out to the highways and byways and give them hope, not hell.” It is also great advice to go out and give them joy, not suffering. We human beings have lots of power to cause pain for others. We also have power to bring joy. The art of happiness […]

The Return of King Arthur, Mark Bernstein

What do the King Arthur stories have to teach us in the 21st century? The Unitarian Holy Grail is the revelation that every spiritual path leads to enlightenment and is easier to walk in church communion. Mark Bernstein has served as a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County since April 1987. […]

Closing the Fun Gap, Rev. Kent Matthies

A few years ago I took the time to reflect on how my life was going in all areas: family, ministry, physical fitness, spiritual well being, friends, etc. I was surprised by a reality that I could not escape. I had a consistent fun deficit. I was becoming too serious about life and yes about […]

Letters in Wartime: History is Us! Elaine Hills

This September is the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam (aka, Sharpsburg). William Jonathan Reichard was a 20 year old private in Mr. Lincoln’s army during that battle, writing many letters home. Thinking about these letters, noting popular representations of this time, shows a remarkable, living legacy of UU principles in action, which can […]