Prayer ~ “UU Style”, Charles Gabriel

Many of us have experienced “prayer” in our former lives where we (sometimes) mindlessly repeated a proscribed prayer. This type of prayer was one of the things that we put aside as a result of, or prior to, our becoming involved in our UU faith. But prayer, properly executed, is a useful and powerful way to connect with the “still, small voice” imbedded in our subconscious mind.

What might “UU-Style” prayer look like? Meditation and Contemplation are two kinds of prayer that allow us to connect with our innermost perceptions of the mystery and spirit of life. This sermon will address how prayer, “UU-Style,” allows us to clear our mind through meditation and connect with our inner voice through imagining and visualizing of spiritual texts drawn from “wisdom from all of the world’s religions which inspire us in our ethical and spiritual life”.

Charles Gabriel has been a member of USG since 2004 and has addressed the congregation in Sunday services on numerous occasions. He grew up Catholic, wandered aimlessly as a practicing atheist for 35 years and now has a strong Universalist bent. He is a retired (sort of) engineer, the lucky husband of Betsy and a committed participant in the life of our beloved community.