Awakening to the Hidden Sources, Rev. Kent Matthies

New York Times writer David Brooks wrote a fascinating book entitled “The Social Animal.”  Brooks argues convincingly that there are two levels of the mind, one unconscious and the other conscious.  The first is much more important than the second in determining how we live our lives.  Brooks argues that “non-deliberate emotion, perception and intuition […]

Hearts with Boston, Rev. Kent Matthies

Our hearts are broken again with the outbreak of senseless violence in our nation. Every day, violence plagues our nation in the form of guns, knives and other attacks. This time the bombings in Boston crush our hearts with sorrow and grief. We send our love to the people of Boston who were affected by […]

Becoming An Atheist, Sam Gugino

I recently came out of the closet. I am an atheist. It’s been a long road from devout Roman Catholic to atheist. But being a Unitarian Universalist helped me get here. A former chef and restaurant critic, food and wine writer Sam Gugino is a contributing editor and columnist for Wine Spectator magazine and blogs […]

AWAKE! Rev. Kent Matthies and USG Choir

The great poet Hafiz asks: “What happens when your soul awakens your eyes, heart and the cells of your body to the Journey of Love?”  The Unitarian Society of Germantown helps us to awaken to the journey of love.  On this Pledge Campaign Sunday we will celebrate all the ways our ministries and programs awaken our […]