The Power of Play, Rev. Mara Dowdall

Plenty of research tells us that having time for play in our lives is not only a desirable, but actually an essential condition for human flourishing. Through this service, we’ll explore the important role play plays in our lives, how it contributes to our spiritualjourneys, and what gets in the way of embracing it. Rev. Mara Dowdall grew up at USG, […]

Coming Home, Debbie Ward

If we’re all on our own spiritual journeys, what happens when we return home?  Debbie will explore the dynamic of individual pursuit of truth and meaning in the context of spiritual community. This is a repeat of a sermon first presented at USG in January of 2009. Debbie has been a member of USG for three […]

Sex and the Church, Rev. Kent Matthies

Unfortunately, the historic church has not earned a positive reputation in terms of how it promotes or participates in our sexuality.  From repressive theologies to abusive clergy, too often the church has fallen short and failed. It does not have to be that way. We are sexual beings for our entire lives. With education, care and respect […]