7.28.13 To Grow a Soul, Rev. Rebecca Froom

Unitarian minister A. Powell Davies said, “Life is just a chance to grow a soul.”  Whether we call it religious education, faith formation, or spiritual growth, the search for truth and meaning is one of the cornerstones of our Unitarian Universalist tradition.  As a religious community we have the opportunity nourish one another as growing […]

Vision from Quiet, Rev. Kent Matthies

Vision is the spiritual theme of the month.  In order to allow a vision to well up from inside of us we often need quiet. Extraverts often dominate our social interactions.  Extraverts, like the minister, can talk too much and not allow for quiet time, which our souls crave.  Let’s give ourselves a break and feel […]

Power To Say No, Rev. Kent Matthies

A healthy church supports people to say no.  We should stand up and say no to abuse in all its forms.  We should also be empowered to say no when a certain activity doesn’t fit with our core values or ethics.  Because we are a liberal religion some people think that in Unitarian Universalism anything […]

On the Passionate Ride, Elaine Silver

Elaine Silver is a seasoned musician, songwriter, touring and recording artist.  She is also a “Certified Passion Test” Facilitator and was personally trained in 2008 by Chris and Janet Attwood, the co-authors of the NY Times bestselling book, The Passion Test. Her music-inspired program will give our members an inside look at this powerful and often life-changing […]