9.29.13 Book of Mormon, Rev. Kent Matthies

Developing connections across religious lines can be difficult.  How has a play called “Book of Mormon” helped or hurt this cause?  No matter what this play sure is educational, hilarious and worthwhile.  If we look closely it provides a model for helping us to laugh, cry, and learn about many of the world’s faith traditions.  […]

9.22.13 They vs. We, Rev. Kent Matthies

The world is wracked by we vs. they thinking.  Right now Egypt burns with violence and hostility as a result of searing polarities.  Here in the United States we know the pains of red states vs. blue states tensions – with many micro red vs. blue factions within the states.  Humans have developed factions along […]

9.1.13 Hush, Rev. Kent Matthies

The spiritual theme of the month is deepening connections. This is especially important at a time when many studies show that Americans are significantly disconnected from one another socially and emotionally. Many agree that in order to be connected with one another we need to feel seen, heard, and respected.  In order to achieve this we […]