3.23.14, The New Underground Railroad, J. Jondhi Harrell

With Music by Raji Malik, farond soloist (an Indian sitar-like instrument)

J. Jondhi Harrell will share the similarities he sees between the mass incarceration of today and the system of slavery that existed in the past. Then the Underground Railroad led former slaves not only to freedom but to a new way of life. He will offer suggestions as to how the system of Mass Incarceration can be combated and how modern day abolitionists can assist in this process, how individuals can become a part of the New Underground Railroad.

J. Jondhi Harrell is Executive Director of The Center for Returning Citizens with a history of 25 years of incarceration in the federal prison system. A community activist and organizer, he works to decrease the incarceration rate in Pennsylvania, and support former inmates and their families. He is currently a graduate student at Temple University in the School of Social Work.