6.22.14, Real Heaven, Rev. Kent Matthies

I just saw a movie which blew me away: “Heaven is for Real”.  Many of you know the story, based on a  New York Times Bestselling book.  A four-year-old boy in Nebraska had a near death experience.  After he survives the boy talks in great detail about his experiences of spending time in heaven.  His father, although a Christian Minister, and the boy’s family and church all go through significant struggle and doubt about the veracity of the boys claims.  Here at USG the spiritual theme of the month is “Source Beyond Ourselves”.  This movie helped me more deeply embrace love, spirit, community and Heaven all as sacred sources beyond ourselves.  We don’t have to all believe in all of these concepts, words or realities. But we do benefit when we embrace sources beyond ourselves which comfort, console, enliven and beautify our lives.