10.19.14, Climate Change-Our Moral Imperative-United Nations Sunday

We have a moral, ethical, and survival imperative to learn about climate change/global warming, and to act appropriately and decisively. This imperative derives from people living today and all those who will follow us. We must not have future generations say, of us: “They refused to learn” or “they knew but did not act.”

Dr. Jan Dash is currently chair of the Climate Initiative at the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO). He is Climate Advisor to the UN NGO Committee for Sustainable Development, and serves on the UU Green Sanctuary advisory board. He teaches at the Courant Institute of NYU, and is Visiting Scholar at Fordham University.

“We are the first generation to directly feel the effects of global warming and the last generation that can do anything about it.”