8.16.15, Leading a More Compassionate Life, Sam Gugino

Religious historian Karen Armstrong has said that in every one of the major faiths, compassion, the ability to feel with the other, “is not only the test of true religiosity, it is what will bring us into the presence of what Jews, Christians and Muslims call God or the divine.” So, how do we start leading a more compassionate life?

Sam Gugino has been a chef, restaurant critic, wine columnist, and author of four cookbooks. He has been a member of the Unitarian Society of Germantown since 2002, where he has served in a number of capacities including Chair of the Membership Committee, Founding Chair of the Stewardship Committee, and two terms as President of the Board of Trustees. Since his first sermon at USG in 2010 he has given over 30 sermons at 17 UU churches in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.