9.6.15, Opening Your Third I, Rev. Dr. John Gilmore

There are many struggles today and many ways to get past them or through them. One of the main obstacles to a joyful, happy life has to do with our identities. Who are we?   Who are we really? Who do we think we are?  Who have we been told we are? This sermon will examine the concept of the 3 Is:  “I” one, who we have been told we are; “I” two, who we think we are; and “I” three, who we really are.


Rev. Dr. John (Om Prakash) Gilmore is a writer, life coach, and licensed massage therapist. Om Prakash is a retired Unitarian Universalist Minister working to promote health and wellness in the Philadelphia area through his talk show at Blogtalkradio.com, through his massage therapy and life coaching practice, and through teaching others how to reclaim their power, their joy of life, and their own identities in a world where it can be so hard sometimes. Om Prakash was ordained here at USG in 1995 and received his final fellowship as a Unitarian Universalist Minister in 1997 while serving the Unitarian Universalist Church of Manchester, NH.