2.2.20, Frederick Douglass Chronicles I, Rev. Kent Matthies

Traveling by train, horse, and boat, Frederick Douglass risked his life every day over decades, speaking to hundreds of thousands of people. In 1840 Douglass asked, “These hands – are they not mine? This body – is it not mine? I am your brother, white as you are. I’m your blood kin. You don’t get […]

1.26.20, #MeToo, Dr. King, Rev. Kent Matthies

The new movie Bombshell depicts female employees at Fox News who were insulted, abused, assaulted and then terrorized to not stand up for themselves.  Studies indicate that over 30% of women in the United States have experienced domestic violence.  This is absolutely terrible and unacceptable in 2020.  Dr. King said, “The soft-minded man always fears […]

1.26.20, The Cleopatra Connection, Andrea Durham

Andrea will share lessons from the life of the Pharaoh Cleopatra on integrity and living your own dharma. Andrea Durham is an attorney in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She has worked as a Program Attorney for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development since 1994.  Ms. Durham graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Science […]

12.29.19, From Awe to Integrity: Right Relations with our UU Heritage, Caroline Bright

As we transition from our December theme of “Awe” to our January theme of “Integrity”, we are still journeying through the Christmas season. Unitarians and Universalists have an important shared Biblical heritage and Christian foundations that we, as a people who seek awe and aspire to integrity, can’t ignore if we want to maintain right relations […]