9.1.19, Why Bother Meditating? Guest Speaker Deborah Cooper

In this brief presentation, Deborah will talk about the origin of mindfulness meditation and how and why to practice it. She will end with a short guided meditation.

Deborah is a mother and grandmother. She has been studying and practicing  meditation for most of her adult life. She is deeply committed to the Insite meditation path espoused by the Buddha and teaches it both to groups in the area and in her private therapy practice.

8.25.19, The Mouth of a Shark, Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Rev. Peter Friedrichs, minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware County, will offer reflections on his December 2018 trip to Tijuana, where he volunteered with Al Otro Lado to support asylum seekers.

Rev. Kent had been scheduled to deliver the sermon this Sunday, but he flew to Chicago on Thursday to be with his father and other family members. We welcome Rev. Peter in his stead.

8.18.19, Re-awakening the Dreaming Mind, Director of Spiritual Development, Ryan Hurd

We sleep for a third of our lives. That means years of our lives are spent dreaming. Yet we have forgotten how to remember our dreams, and because of that, we are not only sleep deprived; we are dream deprived. What is the value of dreaming in our rational and scientific culture? What happens when we remember how to wake up to our creative, dreaming minds?

8.11.19, A Covenantal Faith, Guest Speaker Julia Landis

A covenant is a coming together of two or more parties in an agreement, commitment, or pledge. As UUs, covenants are made as aspirational goals we hope to fulfill; when we fall short, we make amends to be in right relations with each other. What if we were to extend that idea to the personal relationship to our faith? What does it mean to be a covenantal faith?

Julia Landis is a lifelong UU, and will be a first year student at the University of Virginia this fall. She is a member of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church in Charlottesville, VA. She is a regular attendee at General Assembly, and last year was the Senior Business Manager to the GA Youth. She is an alumnus of Summer Seminary and the Luminary Leaders program.

8.4.19, Where the Spirit May Reside, Tom Ott

Our eight Principles are the foundation of our faith as we presently live it. And they ask much of us, both theologically and practically. A question that should be prominent for all Unitarian Universalists is “How may I embody this faith that encourages freedom while urging responsibility?”

7.28.19, Wax On, Wax Off, Meg Ryan

What do artists and the science of creativity have to teach us about the links between resilience and resistance, between self-advocacy and connection with others, and how to solve the intractable problems of our world?

Meg Ryan is a flutist by training, a journalist and editor by trade, and an activist at heart. She spends a lot of time thinking, reading, and writing about what happens at the places where creativity, spirit, and nature meet. She’s been a friend of USG since she moved to Philadelphia in early 2016.

7.21.19, The Goddess Pilgrimage, Andrea Durham

The Goddess Pilgrimage

This spring Andrea journeyed to Crete to learn about ancient Minoan culture, worship of the Goddess and matriarchal societies. The Pilgrimage included experiencing Bronze Age Minoan ritual sites on mountains and in caves and a 1400 year old convent still functioning today. It celebrates a Society of Peace where the Goddess was revered as the Source of Life, women were honored, people lived in harmony with nature, and there was no war. An alternative to patriarchy. This Sunday, Andrea will share this journey with us.

7.14.19, Spirituality of Resistance

Spirituality of Resistance

Who made resistance possible for you? Who invited you into a vision of an entirely new day? Who helped you resist the pressures to follow the herd? Come hear four folks share their own experiences and thoughts on our spiritual theme of the month, Resistance: Jody Hill, Nancy Roeker-Coates, Marjorie Winther and Rev. Kent Matthies

7.7.19, My Chosen Faith: Unitarian Universalism, A Gay Humanist African American Perspective! Zachary Bosco

Our UU faith is a chosen faith, even for those raised UU, because they make the choice to continue on. Zachary will share his journey to his chosen faith of Unitarian Universalism, talk about some of the interactions he has had with others about why they chose the UU faith, and why the UU faith is a great choice for those seeking community today.